About Us

  We have become much dependent on our environment but we have turned ignorant to them. Paul Karna Rai, the owner of this homestay helps in bringing awareness and closeness to the nature with the concept of homestay. Paul have always felt close to nature, to the environment – the sound of the running river, the chirping of the birds, the cry of the crickets, the flowers of spring, the dew of the winter morning and mostly the first fall of sun’s rays on the mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga. Home is right here in the mountains amidst nature. The homestay offers the unique experience for the visitors to taste the local cuisine and also be able to understand the local traditions, food habits, observe local lifestyle, participate in the celebration of festivals, rituals and other forms of cultural expression. Home-stay is managed in such a way keeping the convenience of the visitors in concern. Homestay is well standardized in the services with provision for proper sanitation and electricity. 

            We are Rai Kulung tribe of Sikkim living in a village called Pastanga. Pastanga a small village, situated in the East District of Sikkim state, at an altitude of 1423 meter is an ideal place for those who wish to experience the sampling of traditional Sikkimese village life. The village is well connected by road via Ranipool and Bhusuk, and is just an hour scenic drive from the capital city, Gangtok. One can easily get a shared taxi or book an entire taxi to reach the village. The village derived its name from the fact that the more then twelve varieties of bamboo thrive in the area and the near by alpine hills. In olden times the village was known as “Pa-Sing-Tel” in Kulung Language “Rai” which means “forefather's wood collecting place” and on the other hand “Pasing Tengkha” in Bhutia language meaning “below bamboo forest”. Gradually with the passage of time the name changed into Pastanga. Pastanga is exotic village encompassing natural attraction and there is abundance of various flora and fauna, every corner is graced by orchids and rhododendrons so it is the destination for naturalists and eco-lovers. The village is also a bird watcher's paradise as various species of birds are seen in the area. In-fact, Pastanga has host of things to offer to visitors.

                      Early in the morning we see the spectacular view of sun’s rays falling on Mt. Kanchenjunga. It is more than just a mountain to us – our sacred summit. We believe that our Gods reside in here therefore, that morning rays over the mountains is more than just a beautiful sight. It holds an important morning ritual for us.  Guests can go for a walk in the village to see different types of orchids, medicinal plants, the organic farming in village and the famous Sumni Hwari Falls (Honey Falls). The homestay is not only for business purpose but also to learn and share knowledge about sustainable development and conservation among each other. 

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