Local Bird watching and Village walk:

Enjoy village walk through the herbal gardens and cardamom plantations, also local attractions like Sumni- Hwari waterfall , traditional bhutia and Rai houses that has remained virtually unchanged for last 160 years. Along with the village walk capture all kinds of bird species found in sikkim.

Another activity that the visitors to Homestay can take part in is the trek to Khedi -“Malinggo Trail”. Khedi located at an elevation of 2803 meter, is a remote tranquil site ideal for trekking. Besides, it is also a historical place profuse with biodiversity. In fact it is the ideal retreat for those who wish to enjoy and experience natural serenity. The historical significance of the trail that still remains curtained, except for few locals ,is that, it was the shortcut route for petty businessmen of Tibet and Sikkim before 1962. Also, an important trade route between Sikkim and Tibet before 1942. The place is serenely covered with dense virgin forest, green pastures at some place, meadows, various species of bamboos and trees, rhododendrons, wild orchids, flowering plants. It is also the home for various species of alpine birds and wild animals. In addition the place is also blessed by two sacred lakes in the midst of the dense forest. It is believed that the luckiest can witness two ducks of migratory rare species swimming in the lake . Walk to Shila Dara form Khedi is another breath taking experience.  

 Well trained guides and porters are always ready during season to accompany to extend all help during the trek for visitors.

Traditional Food and Drinks:


Traditional Rai food (Waachippa), millet which is fermented to make local drinks, and many other traditional items provided.